India (2012)

The trip consisted of encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ, preaching God’s Word, and getting a better understanding as to how Churches in the United States can better help GCM in taking Christ to the nation of India.

New Life Community Church and the surrounding community raised over $30,000 to assist GCM in their efforts to bring Christ to a vastly Hindu nation. The $30,000 will be used to build a 2,000 square foot building that will be used for a local church, GCM’s college, and will free up other space for the orphanage.

Team Members


Passports and boarding passes from Houston to Dubai. We were able to travel without any trouble. We were a little uneasy, but everything went as smooth as possible. On the plane to Trivandurum we sat next to a man named John Matthew. He was a Christian from Kerala. While we were landing he prayed for us. God is good.

Fritz TKD – Raised money for Church in India!

Fritz TKD organized a Dad’s Belgian Waffle Dinner and invited all of Monticello to come. There was a huge turnout! The New Life Praise band played music, and the TKD group broke boards. It was a good night. All proceeds went directly to building a church in Kerala, India so more people can hear the good message of Jesus Christ.

New Life Church – Praying over Javan and Phil

Sunday service at New Life Church prior to leaving. It is amazing to see how God has brought New Life Church into a deeper fellowship with Him through a desire and obedience to spread the Gospel.

India T-Shirts

Grace, Alexandra, Kennedy, and Ezra sporting their Love India shirts. You cannot see it clearly in the picture, but the art on the front is the nation of India, and at the bottom is the location of GCM in Kerela, India.