Grace Christian Ministry needs your help to spread the light of Jesus Christ in the dark world of India. Please consider partnering with GCM in prayer and financially.

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How To Help: Pray, Go, Support

There are three ways to help GCM:

1. Prayer. The Lord is moving in India and we as his people must continue to ask that the Lord move the mountains so more people will be raised from death to life.

2. Short-term Missions. Many of the believers within GCM are encouraged by Americans who are willing to come and partner with them in the gospel. GCM wants all people to come and see how God is working. Money is a scarcity in most of the poor areas of India. GCM has specifically focused on preaching the Word of Christ to the poor. Because of this, very little revenue comes from within the GCM community.

3. Financial Support. Money goes a long way in India. There are three areas below that you can chose to financially support: churches, students, and orphans.

If you want to support GCM, please consider donating to pledge your support. We will then get in contact with you and provide further information.

Bible College Students

GCM provides a training school for anyone who is called into ministry. The schooling, boarding, and food is entirely free and provided by GCM. Due to lack of funds, they are only able to support 7 students. The more students, the more they can send out into the field to proclaim Christ. It takes approximately $30/month to support one student. The goal is for GCM to be able to have 25 students next year. One way to help is to select to sponsor a student for three years at $30/month.


There are 39 churches under the management of GCM. Only 4 of those churches have GCM owned buildings. The rest have church in homes or rented buildings. Renting is difficult because most landlords are Hindu and won’t rent to Christians because of the persecution.

It is GCM’s goal to have 100 churches in the next 5 years. This will take financial support because many of the church members are significantly poor. It takes around $20,000 to purchase land and build a church in Kerala, India.

The pastors in each church are paid around $50/month. Yes, a month! GCM is attempting to support the pastors because the local churches cannot. Some pastors live in the church building so as to reduce costs. In addition, more people would like to work for GCM in spreading the gospel but GCM cannot take them on financially due to the lack of funds.

One way to help is to select a church to support monthly. It takes $300/month to support a church. This would be a great ministry for a youth group, small group, or Sunday school class to take on.


One of the ways GCM is able to spread the gospel is through the orphan support. Many Hindus are unable to provide for their children and are willing to accept the assistance of GCM. Once GCM assists the child they are able to build relationships with the families and villages where the child comes from. Many times this leads to opportunities to proclaim Christ to the child, the parent and an entire village. It costs approximately $20/month to sponsor an orphan.