Who is Babu Samuel?

Babu Samuel founded our partner organization in India, Grace Christian Ministries (GCM) in 1999. Babu and his wife, Merci, live in Kerala, India and have two daughters, Grace (recently married to Printu), Gladys and one son, Samuel.

Babu is a native of Kerala, India and came to faith in Jesus Christ in 1977. He received a Bachelor of Theology degree from the Bible College of Theology in Madras, India. Babu then moved to northern India and received a Bachelors of Divinity degree and Masters in Philosophy. After finishing his studies he moved back to Kerala and served as Vice President of Kerala Christian Bible College, where he also taught.

In 1989 Babu spent the year studying in the United States at Minnesota Bible College (now Crossroads college). His studies there in in New Testament Christianity and the Restoration Movement greatly affected his life and ministry.

Babu continued to serve at Kerala Christian Bible College until 1999 when he felt God leading him to start Grace Christian Ministries. Babu has a passion for reaching the lost in India with the Gospel through training up pastors, planting churches and founding an orphanage. God has truly blessed GCM with growth since 1999. Babu continues to work to make Christ known to a nation that has tremendous need. Epaphroditus is committed to helping support GCM and Babu through prayer, sharing information, financial support and mission trips.

Will you join us in prayer lifting up Babu, his family, and the ministry that God has equipped him to lead?