What part of India?

The 2015 mission team will be departing on February 2nd.  One part of the team will be flying out of Chicago, through Dubai and will land in Kerela, India two calendar days later (We are flying against the clock), The second part of the team will be leaving from Florida, through Qatar and then land in Kerala, India,  This will be the first time through Qatar so that will be interesting to find out the difference.  The flight will take 14 hours to Dubai with 2 1/2 hour layover and a 5 hour flight to Kerela.

Kerela is located on the West Coast of Southern India.  Click here for a map: Kerela, India.  Kerela is a state with approximately 33 million people.

The language of Kerela is Malayalam, however each student in India is required to take English classes so many people have some knowledge of speaking English.  Many people are eager to practice their English with you, however, many times we have no clue what they are saying.  This means a lot of smiling and a lot of awkward laughs.  There is no doubt that language is a huge barrier.

Babu Samuel, the director of Grace Christian Ministry, acts as our translator.  His English is very good.  On our trip we are primarily praying, encouraging, and speaking.  And it is encouraging to know that even though we speak a different language we have built our lives on the same Word.

There will be a day when the curse of the Tower of Babel is reversed and we will all be one, with one language and one King.  This only happens through faith in Christ, and we look forward to proclaiming His name in Kerela.