A View of God’s Sovereignty

I wanted to post a quick note letting people know about what happened this morning in the hotel. We usually go down to the lobby to read the Hindi Express each morning. Were not sure if it has any real truth puplished in it at all. A couple of days ago there was a picture of a man just before a lion attacked him in town.

Anyway, as we were waiting this moring we heard the sound of American English being spoken. This got our attention quickly. We had not met one white person in Punalur or Patthanapurum since we have been here and neither had I in the three weeks I was here in 2007. It just doesn’t happen.

So obviously we checked out who it was. He was just as surprised to meet us. In fact He had been coming to Punalur each year for the last 26 and said we where the first he had met. He and his wife are from Massachusetts and they come each year to support another Christian orphanage near Punalur. They told us about their church back home and how Christ has worked through their mission work to do good things. They also told us about some of the same struggles their orphanage is having that Babu’s is. In fact, they are in a very Muslim area and are regularly subject to physical abuse as they come and go from the orphanage site.

I just can’t get beyond how it seems God’s sovereignty is bringing about a healing for India. This explains the increased persecution and restrictions for His church here. It only makes sense that the darkness would be pushing back when it is threatened. If the Holy Spirit weren’t working here, there would be no reason for the evil one to address it.

It was very encouraging to visit with them and share our passion for the Gospel. They talked about how 3 or 4 churches in their area back home got together to share in this mission. It sounds like such a great way to bond believers from different faith families and to make a community impact for mission work.

It’s hard not to start thinking about and planning our next trip here. It would be so wonderful to come again next year to see the new Pathanapurum church and to introduce more people to our friends in India!
If while reading this, you are feeling some interest in joining a team to visit here, then don’t let that feeling subside. Tell someone about your interest. God will make it work out.
On another note. I can’t tell you how encouraging it has been for Phil and I to read your blog comments and receive your emails. It sounds like what is happening at home is just as exciting or more than what is going on here. It gives us peace to here your praying. It gives us hope to hear of your faith. It gives us joy to hear about your sanctification. It gives us great joy to hear about your unity. It gives us a little sadness because we miss you all, our Faith family.

We can’t wait to see you all.