Triple Lockdown and True Religion

Brothers and Sisters, 

A seemingly small thing like a virus has shifted the world. We have all experienced the consequences in our lives in one way or the other. For some of us in America, if not most, it is merely the inconvenience of wearing a mask. For those in nations such as India, the consequences are far greater, and far more dangerous. In the nation of India, some locations are experiencing a government mandated “Triple Lockdown”. This lockdown closes nearly all businesses, prohibits public transportation, and restricts the movement of citizens by police force. 

Due to these governmental measures, it is estimated by some that the poverty rate in India may double due to the financial strain caused by COVID related governmental decisions. It was estimated in April that the number of those in poverty could climb to as high as 623 million people in India. To give some perspective, the population of the entire United States is 328 million. And as we know, with poverty comes suffering. 

As followers of Christ, we are called to care about suffering, both suffering now and suffering throughout eternity. I am reminded of the words in James 1:27, “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction.” With these circumstances we have an opportunity to display a pure and true religion to those in affliction; a Christ centered religion that does not only involve the academic, but a religion that also involves action. 

Since the beginning of COVID-19, Epaphroditus has been in regular communication with Babu Samuel and Grace Christian Ministries (GCM) and he is humbly asking for a special love offering from all his current and past partners to assist the Church in India during these times of affliction. 

We ask that you prayerfully consider a one-time gift to GCM to assist them in this unique time of “Triple Lockdown.” In addition, we ask that you consider a regular and monthly gift to GCM for ongoing ministry needs. If you would like to financially assist, you can give online or by mailing a check to Epaphroditus, 830 Nixon St., Cascade IA, 52033. 

Lastly, above financial giving, we ask for your ongoing prayer for the Church in India. Pray that through this time of suffering, the gospel goes forward and brings about repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins and life everlasting. 

In Christ, 

Phil Parsons
President of Epaphroditus