Transition of Leadership


Epaphroditus’ partners, we want to begin by expressing our sincere gratitude for your past partnership since our launch in 2016. You have been gracious and your support through prayer, encouragement and financial giving has been a tremendous blessing to Grace Christian Ministry and has propelled Gospel growth in the nation of India. Your support has blessed pastors and their families, trained bible college students, cared for orphans and so much more.

This letter is to serve as not only a thank you for your past, current, and future support, but also to notify you of a recent transition within the organization. Freddie and Jenn Jones have resigned as President and Secretary of Epaphroditus respectively. We love them, are praying for them, and wish them continued growth in Christ as they faithfully follow our Lord. Due to this transition, I am humbled, honored, and excited to take over the leadership of Epaphroditus and serve as President. Phil Parsons has taken on the Secretary position as we move forward.

Epaphroditus will continue in its purpose of connecting the church in America with the front lines of those spreading the gospel in the nation of India. Epaphroditus’ mission is focused on the Great Commission. Our goal is to inform and engage local churches in the United States with what God is doing in the nation of India. Epaphroditus will continue to be the messenger between the churches and people in the United States and our brothers and sisters in India. The focus is to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ until he returns.

Note the change in our address and phone number to:

830 Nixon St.
Cascade, IA 52033
(563) 543-8199

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep updated on GCM, our upcoming blog series on India, and our missionary plans to visit India again in 2019.


Jared Althoff, President