Thinking of Home

Last night we were heading back to the hotel very late after spending the evening with Babu’s family. The roads were strangely quiet and dark. As we approached a T intersection not far from Babu’s house, a motorcycle and a large moped crashed head on, tire to tire, and stopped instantly throwing each rider from their bike. We ran over to check on them and help them gather themselves and their bikes. One rider was very very quiet and seemed disoriented while the other driver was giving him the “what for” with all enthusiasm. They appeared healthy and others were soon on the scene so we departed. As we left we reflected on how many thousands of vehicle we watched at high speed passing each other by mear milimeters and tonight with no one on the road, somehow these two guys smack right into each other. We also figured when the disoriented guy finally gets his wits, he is going to think about the two English speaking white guys who showed up at the accident and probably check himself into the hospital for head trauma.

Today was another introduction to a strange Indian custom. Apparently there is some dispute about the proposed usage of a new dam. In objection to what is proposed by the national government, the entire state of Kerala was on strike. There was some concern that we might not be able to even leave the hotel today. Fortunately, Babu sent Lubies to pick us up. He had us ride in the back seat where we would be safer in case people got upset about us being out and about. No school, no work, no transportation. 33 million people took a day off.

While we are spending the afternoon at Babu’s we tended to some last minute tasks. We took some more pictures at the college to capture better what is going to be built there with the New Life gift. We video taped an interview with Babu for sharing on the web and with churches who might have an interest in partnering with Babu.
We took some time to organize photos and videos and said many good-byes. In a few hours we will be packing and after a few hours of sleep beginning the 48 hour journey home.

As things wind down here I find myself thoughts turning towards home.

I am getting very excited to see my family and give them some big hugs! I am so excited to re-unite with our church family and friends. It seems like so much has happened while we were gone. Reading your blog comments has been so inspiring to us. We just can’t wait to exchange stories and discover the mutual sanctification that took place throughout our church during this time. It just feels like we are at a different place spiritually than we were two weeks ago.

We really feel like many of you were on this journey with us. I can’t explain how much it feels like we truly were representing our faith family here. Your support throughout this mission experience has been overwhelming. We can never express our gratitude for all your prayers, your support of our families, financial support, and sharing your experience with us. It has just been soo much.