The Unknown God

As I (Phil) write this blog, it is nearing bed time. To say the least, we are exhausted. The time difference is about 11 1/2 hours. So at about 10:00 a.m. Iowa time my mind was telling me to sleep, but I still had 12 hours to go before we went to bed in India.

This evening our group spent about an hour studying God’s Word and praying. It was a sweet time with the Lord and with my brothers in Christ. There is an intimacy on trips like this. You can already see God working in your life and in others, and the trip has just begun.

Tonight we studied Acts 17. In this section Paul is taking the Gospel to Athens. Athens is a place that worships many gods, very much like the Hindus in India. Their philosophy is the more god’s the better. In fact, to cover their basis the Athenians have a statue of “The Unknown God.” Paul uses this as the launching pad to tell them about the True God, the God of the Bible, the God who created all things and deserves to be worshipped. Paul then tells them that this God has appointed Jesus to judge them and they must repent.

There is not a clearer picture of the Gospel then this. God is the Creator, we have rebelled, we will be judged, we must repent and turn to Christ. Paul’s message was simple, but the Gospel has power and therefore people believed. They then ask Paul to come back the next day to tell them more.

Our prayers are that this happens in India. That we have an opportunity for the Gospel, that we are bold enough to speak it, that we speak the Gospel clearly, and people believe and ask for more.

In India, the true God is an unknown God. Satan has deceived them and now they worship wood, gold, rivers, animals, and themselves. This breaks our heart for we know that judgment is coming. God will not let man’s rebellion to continue forever. Everyone of us will stand before Jesus and be judged according to all we have done. For those who have placed their faith in Christ alone, they will have eternal life. For those whose hope is in something else, they will perish into Hell.

This message must be proclaimed. Keeping the Gospel away from the lost is the most unloving and hateful thing that followers of Jesus could do. Imagine if you had cancer, and I had the cure; however I chose to keep the cure from you. This is an act of hate, not an act of love. If I care for you, I give you the cure, so that you may live.