The Greatest Prophet

Last night I spoke at the GCM convention. This is like the World Series for GCM. It is their one and only event like this and they go all in. Babu said that it costs about $5000 to pull off an event like this. It includes two large tents equipped with ceiling fans and lights, and they rent sound equipment and instruments for the weekend. They also drive around town with a loud speaker inviting people to attend.

The turnout was very good. I am guessing that over 300 people were in attendance. I preached about Jesus Christ being the greatest Prophet. I spoke about Christ was not only the messenger sent by God, but he is also the message. Jesus is the Word of God. If you believe His words, you will have eternal life.

Only God knows how the message last night affected the hearts of the listeners. I pray that the people of Kerela, India will stop listening to the lies of Satan and turn to Christ, whose words are true and good.

I also praise God that we were able to preach. God provided protection so His word could go forth. I pray that this also happens in the days to come. I truly feel that God is moving in Kerela, India. Priase be to God!

Javan is preaching tonight at about 8:00 p.m., this will be 8:30 a.m. Iowa time, so keep him in your prayers.