The Great Invitation

Tonight we begin the convention. This is when Grace Christian Ministry brings together 35 churches in Pathanaparum. It is somewhat surreal to look across a sea of 1,000 Indian faces.

They attempt to draw unbelievers into the convention by attaching large speakers to a car and driving around the town blaring music and a recorded invitation.

Tonight I (Phil) will be preaching. My sermon is on the Great Commission. Another name you could give the Great Commission is the Great Invitation. The Great Commission is the command of Jesus to his disciples to make disciples. The way one makes a disciple is by proclaiming the Gospel. It is this Gospel that invites people into the family of God.

Many people wrongly believe that the Great Commission is about living a Christ-like life. There is some truth to this, but it falls short of the real command. To make disciples you must tell them how get into God’s family. You must proclaim to them the gospel. The gospel is the message of God’s wrath and Christ’s salvation. For all who want to be reconciled to God, we must repent and believe in Christ.

My prayer tonight is that the Christians in India embrace this truth. I pray that they submit to God’s command and go and make disciples. I pray that they trust in the power of the Gospel and walk the streets of their town and proclaim the Great Invitation into God’s Forever Convention. A convention that has fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.