Simply Sing His Praises

I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving. – Psalm 69:30

It has been a few days since setting foot on U.S. soil again after being gone to India for more than a week. My mind and body seem to be adjusting back to normal sleeping patterns. I say this at 2 a.m. while writing this blog post, so maybe I’m not doing as well as I had thought. In anycase, I feel good and came back encouraged.

That said, it seems I have developed some sort of twitch while away. At any point in time, my hand will start patting my leg. Or, in some cases, my hands feel the need to clap in familiar rhythm. The singing and songs of our time in India has left its musical footprint on my mind and it sounds a lot like this:

The music in India is obviously much different. However, the way in which the music is delivered is different as well. There is an interaction with the music; a clapping in congregative rhythm. Voices are lifted high, praising the name of God through song with thanksgiving. You can see it. You can hear it.

Typically, I’m not an overtly charismatic person when it comes to singing and song. This is to a fault. However, I found myself uncharacteristically engaged with song in India. There is something about a whole congregation singing and clapping in time that draws you in. Often times there weren’t any instruments as churches were to small. Hymnal books were not passed out and there was not an overhead projector casting lyrics upon a wall. Everyone seemed to know the songs and the volume was taken to 11.

This isn’t surprising though. There were a number of times throughout our stay music would transpire at any moment.

In fact, one of my most favorite memories was the time spent with the Samuel family just before leaving. Babu gathered our team and his family in the living room to pray for us and our travels. As we came together, Babu’s family broke out in song. It was beautiful. It was honest. Genuine. No instruments or music sheets. Just voices lifted high followed by prayer.

I don’t know what words were sung in the video above or by the Samuel family before we left, however, I’m fairly certain Psalm 69:30 was being put into practice. It is a beautiful thing to hear God’s people simply sing his praises.