As the sand in an hour glass…

Time is interesting. It has this uncanny ability to smooth the edges of life. Usually we recognize it as it relates to pain in our lives. You know the phrase, “Time heals all wounds.” Unfortunately, time cuts both ways. As the days pass, I can already feel the pull of the World: bills, job, meetings, you name it.

A friend at Church who has gone on several mission trips mentioned this reality to me. She encouraged me to spend time going back and looking at pictures, reading journal entries, and just reflecting on how God was working in India. This is good advice. It almost sounds Biblical.

If you look in the Bible, especially the Old Testament, you see time and time again God reminding people about the great things He has done for them. The sad thing is that no matter how often the people were reminded, they tended to drift away.

Perhaps you can relate to this. I am guessing that at some point in your life God has worked in an amazing way. Maybe today is a good day to reflect on how great our God is and how he has pursued you and loved you. A good place to start is to dwell upon the cross and the work that Jesus Christ did on Calvary so that you had the opportunity to spend eternity with God.