Rise of Persecution

We have arrived in India. Babu Samuel is the President of Grace Christian Ministry and is our host for our trip. We are staying at his residence and he has gone to a lot of trouble to make us feel at home. HIs hospitality is overwhelming.
Since I (Phil) was here last things have changed. A new government has taken over and they are anti-Christian. Babu has stated that there is a strong push to re-convert Christians to Hindu. The persecution has caused GCM to change their strategy in reaching the lost. They now are taking on a more covert approach in proclaming the Gospel with more focus on personal evangelism and less on large public events.

As I reflect upon this, I see it as a blessing. Persecution only occurs when God is on the move. Babu has informed us that GCM now has 35 Churches. Three years ago they only had approximately 23 Churches. In addition, they have 20 Bible College graduates who are willing to go and plant Churches; however the biggest problem is financially supporting them.

It is hard for our hearts not to be stirred to give more. God is working, and here we sit with large homes, multiple cars,exploding wardrobes, and toys galore. Imagine if we were to lay up treasures in Heaven? Perhaps a nation the size of India would repent and trust Christ.

The harvest is plentiful…


  1. I just got out of emergency room all night but nothing compared to over there! Always praying during the day for our warriors in India! Be courageous and safe! God keep you and bless the mission enormously!

  2. This definitely stirs the heart. Keep the updates coming. We continue to lift you all up in our prayers with zeal and fervor!

  3. You are all my prayers as well as GCM several times a day and when I awaken in the night. May God give you all courage and boldness to proclaim His Good News!

  4. Definitely hits right on the heart. My prayers are with you guys. Keep strong and bold. Good bless

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