In the Presence of Gospel Warriors

This morning we met with 48 pastors and their wives from GCM. They gathered for the preacher’s seminar of the convention. The other attendees of the convention will be arriving for tonights general meeting.

I can’t tell you how humbling it was to look across the faces of this group. We were gathered in the presence of Gospel Warriors for whom this world is not worthy. Each has chosen to live a life of sacrifice, humility, ostracization, and risk of personel welfare to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost people. Their families have chosen with them. They have embraced the call to equip the saints for the work of evangelism and they clearly are going with the power of God.

But for the power of God’s word I would have never felt more inadequate in all my teaching experience. They were gracious to listen and respond.
I am inspired by them. Though, my guess is they would think my coments silly. They do what they do for God and his Glory. They do what they do because they have seen the irresistable force of the living God in Jesus. They know the truth and it burns in their hearts such that they must teach others. It is so clear when you watch them teach.