Pre-Trip Prep

We have received our speaking assignments. It appears that we will be giving 13 messages over 8 days. I have been told that church in India is slightly longer than church in the United States. We are preparing to give sermons that will last approximately 3 hours. We will be speaking through an interpreter, so our sermons will be approximately 90 minutes of material.

For the main convention, we have chosen to focus exclusively on Jesus Christ. We are going to highlight the three offices of Jesus Christ: Prophet, Priest and King. Our goal is to present the glory of Christ by examining the offices individually and how they are foreshadowed in the old testament and reach their climax on the cross and continue through eternity. The reality is that the depth of Christ as Prophet, Priest and King is so vast that one could preach forever on those topics. The more I study, the more I realize that I have only scratched the surface of who my Jesus is.

I must confess the preparation is exciting, yet overwhelming. There is no doubt that I must cast my cares upon my Wonderful Counselor in these times. Please pray for peace and power.