Open Air Gospel

On Thursday of this past week, over two weeks into our month-long visit, we visited five churches and one of the Bible training centers. These particular churches were in villages, outside of major towns. They serve the poorest of the poor. This is the focus of Grace Christian Ministry.

The training centers are a means for the surrounding people and those studying to be Pastors to receive biblical training.

So let me give you the setting: Its after sundown and there is only a lightbulb to light the front yard. There is a table set up with chairs of “honor” for us to sit in front of the gathering, and then seating for those who are attending. There is an order to how people are seated, with pastors up front followed by all others behind them. All are eagerly anticipating the teaching of the Word.

One thing that stuck out in my mind was that this event was taking place outside. This is a first since coming here in 2015. The Indian Government does not allow open air preaching of the Gospel. I was told by Babu because this was the village of Pastor Sunil who had grown up here, there was more acceptance of what he is doing. God has blessed Sunil to be able to cross the barriers of other beliefs, mainly the Hindus. Sunil rents a house from a Hindu family, and has a friendly relationship, we can only hope that God will change their hearts.

The text that I taught from was Romans 8:1-4 which tells us there is no condemnation in Christ, because of what God has done through Christ. I ended with the Gospel as I have done with all my messages.

It was God’s grace that allowed me to proclaim the Gospel even in a nation that experiences persecution.

As we departed I could see a happiness in Babu, even with him being exhausted from translating. He said that the Gospel got out to those in the crowd and to the houses in earshot of the speaker. He prayed that God would water the seeds that were spread. We are commanded to proclaim the Gospel, God does the rest.