Today we had a very full day! We had a childrens program where Greg gave a message and did a craft with the kids. We also gathered the orphanage children to give them gifts, pray with them, here them sing songs, and talk with them.

Then we had a convention believers meeting and I preached on the Gospel in Genesis 6.

After a quick lunch we participated in the graduation ceremony. It was amazing! To see these young men and women who are going to dangerous mission fields to plant churches, reach villages, and evagalize the lost was a hallowed experience. They are an incredible group of believers.

One young man named Jonada gave his testimony. He told about how he grew up in Pradesh and his father was a pastor. He grew up watching his father suffer so much for the Gospel that he decided that he didn’t want anything to do with it. He hated God for how much pain his family endured for Him. So as a teenager, he ran away from home to the city. He was living on the streets in this city when one night he was overcome with despair, loneliness, and hopelessness. At this moment he was sobbing into his hands when a missionary approached him. The missionary spoke to him about how Jesus suffered and died for him. He read from the Bible and he remembered hearing John 3:16. That very night he prayed to receive Jesus and today he was graduating from Bible college to become a pastor like his father!

I had to hold back the tears listening to his testimony and something tells me there were more testimonies like his in that group.

I had the absolute priveledge to give the convocation address. I read from Joshua and encouraged them to choose today, never to look back at the garbage this world has to offer, but to fix their minds on serving God. They have been called to the highest priveledge of serving the one and only living God.

Babu says were off to the next thing…got to go.