GCM Struggles

We spent some time talking with Babu today about the struggles of GCM. He said a lot of it is financial. Right now the orphanage was shut down by the government, and the people of each church are so poor that no pastor is being paid. Every pastor of GCM is getting a place to stay but absolutely no income. I wonder how many pastors we would have in America if they didn’t get paid? It is another example of their love for Christ and their understanding of the Gospel mission.

I may be a little off on this number but I think GCM has four church buildings out of about 30 churches. The other churches have to rent space from local property owners. A lot of GCM money goes to rent each month, just so the people have a place to meet. Right now one Church meets in Babu’s house, but it is far from adequate. I don’t know how they fit.

Babu told us that his goal is to pay his pastors $25 a month. That is right, a month. He asked us what American pastors made and he was surprised by the amount.

The need here is overwhelming. It is going to be hard coming back to the States. I am guessing I will have a new perspective on life.