GCM Missions Report (March 2018)

Below is a report sent in by Pastor Girish Peter of Grace Christian Ministry.

Dear prayer partners and dear friends,

By the grace of God our ministry is going on well. Through our last year of ministry, two families received Jesus Christ as a personal savior, eight young people were discipled through our 10-month leadership training, and three students took water baptism. We had lots of prayer meetings and many heard about Jesus through our evangelism program. So, we thank you for your prayers and for supporting us this past year. It was a great privilege that God used us with his mighty hand throughout the year. We are thankful for all of you; for your valuable prayers and support this year.

Co-workers in Christ

Bihar church planters.

Please pray for our on-going ministries in Bihar and Jharkhand. We have good teamwork in these areas with lots of souls being won last year by their hard work. Pictured above are a few of our co-workers doing ministry in different places.

First Training Students in Jharkhand

This is Bernard Pauriya and family with our first batch training students from Jharkhand state. Now they are starting a ministry in his own village where five people were baptized through his work. Four families now regularly attend his Sunday services. Please pray for them.

The village name is Jiya Pani and is 30km (18.6mi) from Dumka district (map). This is a hill station with around 100 families. Our pastor lives 5km (3.1mi) from this village and walks to and from his ministry. A motorcycle would greatly help him with travels to and from this ministry. Kindly pray for this need.

Gospel Meeting in Jharkhand

The gospel meeting in a Jharkhand village seen 200 people gathered in attendance. Three month ago many of them had received Jesus as their personal savior. Pastor Joseph Tudu is working here.

Pastor Joseph Tudu and family with Aju Nayak. We started our ministry here last year where we now see 40-50 people gathering every Sunday to worship God in a hut. They are currently in need a prayer hall. Please pray for this need.

Fasting Prayer Meeting

Sunday Service

Water Baptisms

Fasting Prayer for Nation

Children’s Home and School

Our home children playing the Carrom Game Board along with brother Aju Nayak. These children are fully or semi orphan; they are lost their guardian. They were hopeless but our Lord is merciful and he has shown mercy upon these children. The children are happy to be with us and go to school. God gave a beautiful future for these children through our home.

Our other village church Sister Suni sharing the Word of God. Pastor Rakes is working here.

Our home children are ready for school. Thank you for you kind support and precious prayers for these children. They were hopeless but now have hope and aim for their lives.

By the grace of God, our ministry in Bihar and Jharkhand is going good. We have a big vision for North India. There are more places here we want to reach. This is impossible for us to do along. We need more prayer, leaders, and support. There are millions of people here dieing every day without Jesus. We want to give Jesus to them. Pray for them and us as we to reach them. We are ready. Please pray for us now as there are ten co-workers doing ministry with us in different places in Bihar and Jharkhand. Thanks.

Pastor Girish Peter