GCM Missions Report (June 2017)

Dear Friends and Partners,

As we reflect on, we are filled with gratefulness for what God accomplished through your partnership with us. Thousands of families are being heard about Jesus Christ and many become part of His Kingdom. Who were in need and who were in desperate conditions were served in Jesus’ name because of your generosity. With all of our hearts, we thank YOU for making our work possible.

We pray that the coming days will be filled with love, peace, faith, and good works as we continue to partner together to meet the physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout India in the name of Jesus Christ. Please hold this ministry, the many ministry opportunities we will have before the Lord. We totally depend on God to accomplish anything for Him and His Kingdom. That is why your prayers are so important.

Thank you again for being our partners in this ministry.

Babu and Mercy

Grace Christian Ministry – Report from Kerala, Bihar and Odisha

We are being blessed as we could reach many with love of Jesus Christ and we have tremendous joy by seeing many are becoming part of His kingdom and His kingdom on earth is being extended. It gives us also joy that our Lord using us in India to fulfill His commandment. As we preach Gospel among poor people of India, we need your continuous prayers and support.

Bible Training Center at Bihar

We have 8 student at this center and few more shall join soon. They need some class room furniture. At present they are sitting on the ground and studying.

Grace Christian College in Kerala

Our college shall reopened on 19th of June 2017. Students are being enrolled. We provide Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity. Our college is accredited with International Agency for Theological accreditation. (IATA)

Grace Christian Colleges has six extension centers in different part of Kerala and one in Bihar. We give classes both in English, Malayalam and Hindi in our Bihar center.

Inauguration and Dedication Meeting