GCM Missions Report (February 2018)

Dear prayer partners and dear friends,

Our second batch students have graduated their bible study program. They completed their one year discipleship training. They got a beautiful certificate form our college (Certificate of Theology). Our lord has brought them to light from darkness. Now they have an aim for their life. They decided today to live for Jesus and do service for Him in their all life. Thanks to our dear prayer partners and supporters. Your work was not failed, your tears are not wasted.

Our third session’s class is starting on 25 February 2018. Ten boys are ready to get knowledge of scripture. Please pray for our next session.

Once again we extend our thanks for your precious prayers and support.

Babu and Mercy

If God lays it on your heart to support the biblical training of young people in Northern India, please contact us. Above all, pray for these young people who are our fellow soldiers for Christ!