We made it to Dubai. So far, everything has been flawless. The flight over was a little grueling. 14 hours. It makes me realize how weak I am. It has been good to stretch the legs in the airport.

Dubai is interesting. After ten minutes being here we heard something that sounded like a call to prayer ringing through the terminals. There are also prayer rooms scattered throughout. But more than anything there is materialism: Caviar, Armani, Rolex, McDonalds, you name it. We went to the book store and found a Joel Osteen book and some other author that I didn’t recognize that seemed to have a Christian slant.

One thing that we thought was intriguing was that they had two very large Christmas trees in their main area with Santa Clause dancing. It was situated right next to a brand new Mercedes. I think it is telling. Basically, Dubai will accept anything if you spend your money there.