Covenant Commitment

For the past few days I have been doing a lot of thinking about covenant commitment. What is it? How does that play out in our life? We see in scripture that God made a covenant with Abraham. We see the covenant commitment played out throughout the entire bible. Our God is committed to the covenant he has set in place.  So is it possible for us to do the same? I believe that answer has to be a definitive yes!

Marriage is an example of a covenant commitment. We promise to cherish and love our spouse in sickness and health; in good and bad times; till death do us part.  Unfortunately, even in the church we have broken this promise of commitment. In Matthew 19: 3-8, the Pharisees questioned Jesus about divorce. Jesus quotes scripture from Genesis reminding them that what God brings together let no man separate. He was very clear – a covenant commitment is serious. We should also be committed to the body of Christ – our church – which is not just our local church or even just in this country, but throughout the world.

Will we make a covenant commitment to the church body around the globe? What does this look like to make that commitment?

Sunday night we had our mission recap presentation and it was awesome. We saw the need in India and we also witnessed the love of the body on display.  How do we continue the momentum? All too often we have allowed our initial excited commitment wane. In the long term we get tired of the work. We tend to justify our failure to keep the commitment by looking to our earthly needs – a new car or a new house, etc. Sin make us rationalize why we are losing focus of our commitment.

It ought not to be so.

God made his covenant commitment to us before time began. He has never wavered or changed his mind. Why can’t we commit to our brothers and sisters for the long haul?  By the power of his Holy Spirit within in, we can. Let’s store up treasures in heaven. Remember this is not our home. Let’s make a covenant commitment to the body – to our brothers and sisters in need across the globe and at home.  I encourage you to be in prayer about ways you can help and commit to the glory of God.