Christ as King

Today was the last full day of the GCM convention. It was full of people rejoicing in the Lord. We spent the morning with the orphans. They sang songs, recited memory versus and even preached. It was a blessing to be a part of it. We handed out some of the school supplies to the kids and made paper hearts with them. There were a lot of smiles on their faces. We also got to participate in graduation, which was a honor. I think Javan in his post spoke a little about this. So I won’t write more about it.

Tonight I preached to about 400 people about Christ being the King of Kings. At the end of the night they asked people to come to the front and commit or recommit their lives to the Sovereign King. Once again, we were told that this is illegal, but they chose to do it anyway. About 8 people came forward. So praise the Lord. I pray that their were more in the crowd that drew closer to their King and surrender their life to Him.

I also spent some time telling everyone about New Life Church and the encouragement we have received from everyone back home. Everyone was very excited to hear that God is working simultaneously in India and in the United States during the GCM convention.

It shouldn’t surprise us, but it is always amazing to see people rally around the gospel of Jesus Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives.