Call to Action

As I write this blog I am sitting in the Dubai airport heading home. It is a bittersweet moment. Our hearts feel like they are in two places. We long to get home to see our family, but our goodbyes with our brothers and sisters in Christ was difficult.

At about 11:00 p.m. last night we were standing in Babu’s living room singing a Malayalam Hymn, followed by prayer, and then followed by tears. Yes, we only spent a week with these people, but there is a deepness to our bond. One that can only be explained by the Holy Spirit. Through the blood of Jesus Christ we are adopted into the same family of God, and therefore we love our family.

It is with this love that we desire to help our brothers and sisters. Before we left our team set some goals for each of us to strive for. The first is to be committed to pray daily for GCM. Second, we are committed to personally assist financially with GCM. Third, we are going to reach out to friends, family, churches, and communities to encourage them to consider sponsoring a pastor for five years. The cost to sponsor a pastor and his family is $50/month. Currently there are 35 pastors that need sponsoring. Fourth, we are going to attempt to speak at churches regularly to introduce them to GCM and the gospel opportunities that are available.

We would ask anyone who has been reading about our trip to prayerfully consider partnering with us, and partnering with GCM. If God directs your heart to help, please contact us on our website or via facebook.