Today we got to participate in a service for the pastors. New Life Church assisted in purchasing Bibles for them and we got to hand them out. It was pretty cool.

The Bible is not as available here in India and the people are very poor, so they treasure the Word of God very much. The Bibles they have had for a number of years are pretty beaten up from hours and hours of reading. The truly believe that Jesus is the Word and the Word gives life.

Today Javan preached about the importance of God’s Word. It was also very good.

Now we are spending time with Babu and his family at his house. They are very hospitable. It almost makes you feel guilty. It is there custom to have the guests eat first and they stand behind and watch until you are done. Once you are done, they eat the left overs. It is hard to get use to.

There is also an open door policy at Babu’s house, both figuratively and literally. People seem to be coming and going at all times. Babu has told us stories of people possessed that are brought to his house in the middle of the night. Crazy.