Before and After

Sometimes we walk through life with spiritual blinders on. We are so focused on what we think God is primarily doing in our lives that we forget that God is always working and is not limited to just one thing.

For example, on the way to India, I sat by a guy named John Matthew. He was from Singapore and was originally from Kerela, India. He was a sold out Christian. In fact he had business cards that listed his occupation as Evangelist. We talked about what God was doing in India and he preached to us for about 10 minutes. We told him what our purpose was in going to India and he prayed over us while we were landing in India.

Second, Dave Tabor had given me a book called “Not a fan.” It is about following Jesus and not just sitting on the sidelines and cheering for Jesus. By the time we got to Chicago i had read 120 pages. On one of the train trips I struck up a conversation with another guy whose name was John. It eventually led to where I had just come from and he started to ask some more questions. Right in the middle of the airport transport train I got to lay out the gospel to this young guy. He had a lot of questions, and I knew that my time with him was short. So I reached into my bag and gave him the book, “Not a Fan.” Sorry, Dave. I owe you a book. He seemed grateful, but who knows if he will read it. I pray he does.

Both of these events were not accidents. I don’t believe in accidents. God was working in two separate ways in two men’s lives.

I wonder how many other people I walked by without a thought about how God is working in their lives. I was so focused on the one thing, this mission trip, that I am guessing that I missed out on many other opportunities.